Third Day - Mountains and Valleys

In Palestine just like the majority of the middle east, Friday and Saturday is the weekend, not Saturday and Sunday. Also, Friday is the major prayer day in the Islamic World, which is why the day started late at 1330.

Muhammad and Safwat took me on a drive throughout the villages and mountains around Hebron. Hebron is located 1800m above sea level, and the lowest point we reached on our drive was 15m. This shows clearly the depths of the valleys surrounding the region. 
One of which has an incredible property similar to the "Gravity Hill" in Scotland. It was truly bizarre, one was clearly going on a downhill slope, however, when putting the car in neutral it rolls back up the hill; it is truly incredible.

While climbing throughout the hills and valleys I had the opportunity to capture some incredible landscapes (but only with my phone; didn't know I'd need my camera).

During another hookah Shaban and I had a rather in-depth and personal discussion about  the conflict and the continuing hostility between the two countries. One could clearly tell that he was simply dissapointed and had lost the majority of hope that either country would actually find to one another and negotiate a formal agreement.

Tomorrow is the day that I will be travelling to Jericho and the dead sea, so you can most definetly expect some photos!

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